Quick Update Assets Page

We have implemented a page allowing anyone with the Edit Asset permission to quickly update an asset's location and assigned user. Please click HERE to learn more.

Stock Location Detail

The inventory stock location now appears on the work order details page. Please click HERE to learn more.

Transactions Modal Update

When adding Purchases to a work order, there is a transaction modal. The modal was updated to include some additional information. Please click HERE to learn more.

Additional Column on the Work Order Pages

When adding additional columns on the work order pages, we added the option "PM WO." This is there to advise you if the work order is associated with the PM or not.

Transfer Inventory with an Inventory Request

A new option has been added when assigning an inventory request to do a stock location transfer. Please click HERE to learn more.

Add Inventory to a Work Order

A new modal has been implemented when adding inventory to a work order. The modal now shows a specific space and then displays all of the inventory items associated to that particular space. Please click with HERE to learn more.