Users with the View Issues permission will be able to run the issue report. The issue report will take all of the issues and calculate the Estimate Costs, CRV(s), and FCI(s).

The cost of the issue over the CRV will calculate the FCI. 

FCI = Facility Condition Index.

CRV = Current Replacement Value - This is entered on Assets under the "Replacement Cost" field.

Estimated Cost = Estimated Cost of fixing the issue. This will be entered when creating an issue.

Running the Issue Report 

1. Select Reports > Issue Report on the left-side navigation menu 

The Report will automatically display a full year from the current date.

You can apply additional filters if needed by selecting the three black dots on any of the columns, checking off an option, and clicking Filter.

Note: If you do not see an RCI calculation, it can be due to there being no replacement cost on an asset. You would need to edit that specific asset being used to have a replacement cost.