Users with the Manage Site Settings permission can create a custom form for outside users that will generate a work order. 

Creating a Custom Form

1. Select Settings > Custom Forms from the left-side navigation menu

2. Select the  icon to add a new Custom Form

3. Fill out the information on the following page

Name: Type the name of the custom form.

Request Type: Select the request types associated with the custom form.

Page Title: Type in the title, insert your school logo and add any text that you would like to appear on the custom form.

Thank you Text: Type in the thank you text that will appear once the custom form has been filled out and submitted.

User for Anonymous Requests: If a user is not selected or an email is not provided, this will be the default user the form uses to submit the work order.

Allow Account Creation: This allows a checkbox on the form for the user submitting a request to create an account in MLW.

Allow Texts:  Includes a checkbox on the form to allow the user submitting requests to receive text notifications. Standard message and data rates may apply.

Note: In order for this to work, the Mobile Phone field will need to be on the form. 

Show PDF Link:  Allows users viewing the form to download a PDF version of the online template. This button will appear at the bottom of the page.

4Creating the Custom Fields

4.1. Select  to add a new field

4.2. Fill out the information in this modal

Order: Select the order of the fields.

Field: Select if it is standard or custom.

Name: Type the name of the custom field.

Help Text: This is optional text that will show up as a red exclamation point on the form next to the field. Use it to clarify the field to the user.

Required: Select if the custom field is required to be filled out before completing the form.

Repeat these steps until you have all the fields needed for the form

Note: If the description field is being used, URL hyperlinks can NOT be pasted in this field. 

5. Click Save

Now that the custom form has been created, you can implement it where it is needed. The next step is to paste the URL where people can access the public form. 

1. Select Settings > Custom Forms

2. Click the  icon to view the Custom Form

Note: This will log you out

3. Copy the URL of the custom form

4. Paste it where it is needed.

When an outside user fills out this form, it will generate a Work Order and can then be managed internally.

Example Custom Form

How it Looks

Note: There is an option at the bottom for Google Translate that will translate the form if needed.