Users with the Administrative Permission "Manage Site Settings" will have the ability to add System Zones. This will allow administrators to create a collection of spaces and link them to a system zone. 

Adding a System Zone

1. Select Settings > Setup Items > Manage System Zones from the left-side navigation menu

The Manage System Zones page will display.

2. Select the Add System Zone icon ()

3.  Fill out the information in the modal

  1. System Zone Name - Type in the name for the system zone
  2. System - Select a system from the drop-down (these are default systems)
  3. Building - Select the building where this zone is being used.
  4. Floor - Select one or more floors being used for this zone.
  5. Spaces - Select one more spaces that will be used in the zone.

4.  Select Save 

The System Zone can be modified by selecting the pencil icon () and can be deleted by selecting the delete icon ().

Note: The following message may appear if you use both MLW and MLD. "Please note that this change will also impact the settings on ML Drawingsā€¯