Create Method Per Building

There is a new method for creating PM's. This will add another option to the current ways of creating a PM via Space or Asset. You can now create them based on Building(s). See below for details.

Date Sorting on Reports

Users with the View Reports permission now have the ability to sort reports by the Date Type. For example, a user can now filter based on Submitted Date or Completed Date. 

Edit Inventory to update stock location

Previously, when updating stock location, the update caused items to be removed. Users can now update the stock location to be at multiple locations. Each location can have a separate responsible user.

Note: If the same item is listed at multiple locations. It will appear once for each location on the View All Inventory page. 

Complete/Close a Work Order while it is pending

This update allows work orders to be completed quicker. In many cases, work orders can come in and will get done immediately without being assigned to user. Without assigning the work order, the users with the correct permissions can now complete/close a work order while it is in a pending status. 

Additional default fields for Buildings/Spaces

There are new additional fields for more information when adding buildings and spaces. These are not required fields.

New District Setting

There is a new setting that will allow districts to automatically approve Work Orders if there is no approval path for that work order. If "Auto Approve Work Orders with No Approval Path" is selected to YES it will automatically be approved. If it is NO it will stay pending. 

Updated Labor notes 

Previously when labor notes were added it was all consolidated and hard to find the information. We have made an update to the labor notes in a more efficient format.