We are excited to announce four new feature releases for ML Work Orders this month. Included in this month’s releases are the ability to add attachments when creating a work order through email (and replying to as well.) Also, users with the mass update permission have the ability to mass update inventory items. Please review the additional feature releases below and let us know if you have any questions!


Mass Updating Inventory 

Users with the Mass Update permission had the ability to mass update assets and work orders. Now they can mass update inventory items. Please click HERE to learn more.

Ability to have Required Notes Field Available When Changing the Status of Work Order

Admins now have the ability to make a note required when adjusting the status of a work order. Please click HERE to learn more. 

User Permission to Cancel Work Orders

We have added a permission inside of a user's a role, which will allow users to cancel work orders. Click HERE to learn more about individual permissions inside of the system. 

Rerouting Work Orders Permission

There is a new permission that allows a user to reroute a work order. For example, if a work order comes to the normal approver and someone higher up needs to approve it before continuing, the user can reroute it to the "higher up" for approval. it will then come back to the normal approver to continue the work order process.

Hide Completion Date For All Users

Administrators can now decide how they would like the completion date to show with some additional options found in the General Settings.

Quick Approve Modal Update

We have moved the same modal that is used for quick approval/assigning to the work order details page when approving a work order.

Add a File(s) as an Attachment to the Work Order from a New or Reply-to Email

Previously when creating a work order via email or replying to a work order, attachments were not available. We are happy to announce attachments can be added, and they will display in the notes section on the work order details page.