There is now a General Scan option inside of MLW. The Scan option will allow you to locate existing assets or inventory items within ML Work Orders. In addition to this, if you scan a barcode and it doesn't exist yet it will pull up a form to add a new Asset or Inventory item. Once the asset/item has been added the previously scanned barcode will automatically be associated with it. 

The Feature will work when viewing on a computer or mobile. In addition to this if you have a scanner hooked up to your computer that will work as well. 

Utilizing the Scan Feature

1.  On your computer or phone select the scan option at the top right of the program. 

2. Your computer or phone will Request access to your camera.

3. Select Allow

4. Scan a barcode/QR code with the camera

Note: If you are looking to scan an inventory item and not an asset, you will need to first go to one of the inventory pages within the system prior to selecting the scan icon.

If you scan a barcode that does not yet exist inside of the system it will automatically populate the Manage Asset page. 

If you scan a barcode/QR code that exists inside of the system you will automatically be taken to the corresponding asset. 

Entering a Work Order

When creating a work order there is now a scan option next to the Asset section. Simply scanning a barcode will automatically add that asset to a Work Order. If the Asset does not exist inside of the program it will need to be added from the instructions above.

If there is an existing Work Order and Assets need to be associated with that Work Order. Users can select the Assets tab at the top of the Work Order Details page. From here, they can scan Assets and have them added to the Work Order. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the scanning feature, please submit a ticket through our support portal here: