You are able to have a work order generated within ML Work Orders by sending an email.

Go to Manage Request Types Settings

1. Select Settings > Manage Request Types.

2. Each Request Type will be listed with the corresponding email addresses. 

3. It is recommended that the District creates a generic email address (i.e. and have all emails sent to that email address auto-forwarded to the email address listed for that request type.

4. Once the email has been sent, the user will receive a confirmation email. You can adjust the verbiage of this email by going to Settings > Setup Items > General Settings, and entering the text within the "Email Reply Message" section.

5. Any emails sent to the email addresses listed within ML Work Orders will automatically generate a new work order. There may be certain fields on the work order form that will not be filled out and the Admin users managing the work order will be able to edit it and add any additional information. 

Note: If your district is utilizing this feature for students/parents entering tech requests, you can add a new building to the system called "District Wide" (if not already created) and a space called "Student Help Ticket". Once this is added you can go to Settings > Setup Items > General Settings and select the newly created space within the "Default Space" section at the bottom of the page. This will automatically populate any new work orders created via email with this location information.