Users with the View All Assets permission will have the ability to run a QR code report. When selecting the following Assets, there will be an option to run a Report. From the Report, you will be able to print it or download it as a PDF.

Running the Report

1. Select Assets > View All Assets from the left-side navigation menu

2. Select the Assets you would like to generate QR codes for

Note: You can select each box individually, or you can select all of the assets on the page. Clicking into a box in the red area will be individual. Select the checkbox at the top in the green will check off all assets on the page. 

3. Select the QR Report option  at the top of the page

The Report will be generated.

Depending on your browser you will then be able to print this page or download it as a PDF.

When scanning an asset it will bring you to the following Asset Details page. For example, if the boiler was scanned above, it would take me to the following page. 

Viewing the Asset Details page

Details: Will provide all details about the following Asset.

Files: Will display all files associated with the corresponding Asset

Components: View components of the asset or add a component here

Work Orders: Will display all Work Orders that have been associated with the corresponding Asset

PMs: Will display PMs associated with the Asset

Issues: Will display any Issue associated with the Asset

History: Will display the history of the Asset and any adjustments that have been made. All information will be logged here.

QR Code Settings

1. Select Assets > QR Code Settings.

2. Fill out the fields.

Note: This will include standard fields options. 

3. Click Save.