We have added some new Features to MLW to improve workflow processes. Please review the highlights below!

Customizable prompt pop up if Urgent is selected for priority

Admins inside of MLW will now have an option to set up a text prompt for Urgent Work Orders. When a Requestor submits a work order a prompt will appear with a customizable message to notify the requestor of additional information such as an emergency number. Please click HERE to learn more.

Asset History Log

Under the Asset Details, there is now a History tab. Selecting the tab will display the history of the asset and what information has been changed. Please click HERE to learn more.

Mass Updating Assets

Users with the Mass Update administrative permission will now have the ability to update multiple assets at once. Please click HERE to learn more.

Creating a Work Order via email

Users will now have the ability to create a Work Order via email. This can be done by emailing a specific email for the corresponding Request type. Please click HERE to learn more.

Ability to write to Work Order Notes Section via email

Users can respond to any ML Work Orders email and it will automatically be uploaded as a Note on the corresponding Work Order.

Please let us know if you have any questions on the new Features and we will be happy to help!