Over the past few months, there have been updates to improve the look and feel of ML Work Orders. (See a list of what’s been updated at the end of our notes).  There have also been changes to a couple of pages on the Telerik Grid for additional filtering options. Below are additional features the have been released.

Space Details page update

The Space Details page has been changed from one rather large page to a tabbed view to better organize space information. When Editing a space, you will now see tabs for Assets and Work Orders. Assets will display any asset associated with that specific location. The Work Orders will display every work order based on that location. Please click HERE to learn more.

Creating QR Codes based on each space

You can now generate a QR code for each spaceScanning the code will bring you to the new space Details page so you can quickly pull up work orders or assets linked to that Space. For additional information on this feature, please click HERE. The information will be found under the Print QR Code section. 

Ability to reroute a Work Order

Work orders can be rerouted for approval if you need to send the work order to a staff member that is not a part of the usual approval process. Please click HERE to learn more. 

Add Notes box on quick approve/assign modal

Users can now add a note when using the quick approval modal. This is already an option when assigning a Work Order from the Work Order details page. 

Pages that were transitioned to Telerik Grid

  • Purchases Report

  • Work Order Report

  • Manage Procedures page

  • Asset Report

  • Manage Spaces

Other User Interface (UI) Updates

  • Updated Inventory details with tabs 

  • Updated Preventative Maintenance with Tabs

  • Updated Assets with Tabs

If you have any questions or concerns about the recent changes, please feel free to enter a support ticket here: http://support.mlworkorders.com/support/tickets/new