ML Work Orders™ allows Admin users, users with Permission to Close, Complete, Approve on Behalf of Others and the user who declined or canceled the Work Order, to Re-Open a Work Order that has been Declined, Canceled, Completed, or Closed.

This feature allows you to change the status of the Work Order, by re-opening the Work Order. 

For example: A technician accidentally selects the Complete button on the work order before the job was actually finished. The technician can now select the Re-Open button to make the work order active again.

To Re-Open a Work Order:

1. Once logged into ML Work Orders™, locate the work order you are looking to adjust.

NOTE: You can find a specific work order from the Manage Work Orders page or Search Work Orders page.

2. Once you locate the work order click the Work Order button () to view the full work order details.

3. Once inside the work order details, select the status button, and click "Re-Open."