ML Work Orders™ Administrators have the ability Approve and Assign Work Orders. To approve and assign work orders:

1. Select Work Orders > Pending My Approval. 

There are two options for approving and assigning work orders.

Option 1: Use the Approve and Assign Icon directly on the Pending My Approval Page

Option 2: Click the work order ID button to view the full work order details

Option 1 - Approve & Assign Icon

The Approve and Assign icon () appears when the work order is at the last approval step and is ready to be assigned after approval.

Note: This icon shows for pending and approved work orders only. 

To Approve and Assign:

1.  Select the Approve and Assign icon. 

The Assign page will be displayed. 

2.  Choose who to assign the specific Work Order

Note: You can also edit any of the other fields shown at this time as well. 

3.  Select Approve/Assign.

Option 2 - Select the Work Order ID Button

To Approve and Assign:

1.  Select the Work Order ID button  

The Work Order details page will be displayed. 

2.  Select the Pending button and move to Assign

Note: You may need to click Approve first before the Assign option is available. 

3.  Choose who to assign the work order to.


4.  Select the Approve/Assign button.