ML Work Orders™ Administrators have the ability Approve and Assign Work Orders.

To approve and assign work orders, select Work Orders > Pending My Approval. 

There are two options for approving and assigning work orders.

Option 1 - Use the Approve and Assign Icon directly on the work order listing page
Option 2 - Click the work order ID button to view the full work order details

Option 1 - Approve & Assign Icon

The Approve and Assign icon appears when the work order is at the last approval step and is ready to be assigned after approval.

This icon shows for pending and approvedwork orders only.  If the user is the last approver on the Work Order then they will see the Approve and Assign icon.

To Approve and Assign:

1.  Select the Approve and Assign icon. 

The Assign page will be displayed. 

2.  Choose who to assign the specific Work Order to. 

3.  Select Assign.

Option 2 - Select the Work Order ID Button

To Approve and Assign:

1.  Select the Work Order ID button  

The Work Order details page will be displayed. 

2.  Select the Approve button.

3.  Choose who to assign the work order to.


4.  Select the Assign button.