1. When editing or responding to a Work Order, select the Put on Hold button.

2. Select an option explaining why you are putting the Work order on Hold.

  • Waiting on Parts
  • Awaiting Funding
  • Needed Additional Info
  • Awaiting Results
  • Pending Summer Break.

3. Select a date if you would like to schedule a date to remove the hold. Or put the Work Order On Hold until it is removed.

Once selected, the Work Order will be put under the Status on Hold and list the following Reason when viewing the Work Order.

Note: If it is scheduled it will display on the Work Order Details page when the hold is being removed. Hovering over the tool tip will display the off-hold date.

Note: The Status will display on the Work Order pages along with the emails being sent out as well.

Customizing your On Hold Statuses.

Users with the Manage Site Settings will have the ability to Manage Work Order Statuses.

Once you are on the Manage Work Order Status Screen, you will have the ability to edit the On Hold Status.

Once you are editing the On Hold Status you will be able to add customized reasons.

If you have any additional questions on this Feature Release. Please feel free to submit a support ticket here: http://support.mlworkorders.com/support/tickets/new