1. Select Settings > Manage Approval Paths

2.  To add an approval path, select the Add icon (). To edit an approval path, select the Edit icon.

3. Select Inventory as the approval path type and then enter a Name for the approval path.

4. Enter a Description for the approval path.

5. Next select the Inventory Categories for the approval path.

6. Select the Building(s) for the approval path.

7. Select the Space(s) for the approval path. 

8. Select the Inventory Type(s) associated with the approval path.

9.  Select the Add Step button to add each approval step as needed and select the individual responsible for that specific step of approval.

Note: If multiple users are selected for one approval step, only one of those users has to act upon the inventory request in order to keep it moving in the process.

In addition to this, you can have a role as a step. This will allow anyone with the role listed to be notified of approval for the WO, and anyone with that role can approve that step.  

10.  Select the Save button.