ML Work Orders™ allows users to be automatically notified or work order statuses based on the following work order criteria:

  • Request Type
  • Building
  • Problem Type

For example: You may want to auto notify the Principal at your High School whenever work orders within that building change statuses.

To set this up you will take the following steps:

1. Select Settings > Manage Auto Notify.

2. Select the add icon () to add a new Auto Notify rule or select the edit icon () to edit an existing.

The Manage Auto Notify page will be displayed.

3. Select the Work Order Request Type (Maintenance or IT) this rule will apply to.

4. Select the Building(s) this rule will apply to.

5. Select the Problem Type(s) this rule will apply to.

6. Select the User(s) that need to be notified of these WO's

7. Select the Role(s) that you would like to notify specifically.

Note; This will automatically notify every user with the following role of the status change. 

8. Select the Save button.

The selected Users will automatically receive an email notification when a Work Order has changed statuses.