While configuring the Active Directory Integration with ML Work Orders, there are several possible reasons you may have trouble establishing a connection between ML Work Orders and your Active Directory Server. You will want to take the following steps to figure out the root of the issue:

Note: The connection will be configured under Settings > Active Directory > Setup.

1. Make sure you are entering a Admin Level Active Directory username and password to test the connection (not an email address, or MLW login info, etc).

2. If issue persists, confirm with your network security team that they have allowed the following IP Addresses to connect to the Active Directory Server and opened ports 389 or 636: 

Important: Please make sure ALL IP addresses are typed accurately and no numbers are missing.

If everything is listed correctly on the firewall, send a screenshot to mlw@masterlibrary.com of all IP Addresses listed for assistance troubleshooting the issue further.