To access this calendar, select the Calendar menu in the main menu.

The Calendar will be displayed.

This calendar will display all work orders and future PMs that the user has permission to view.

The work orders are color-coded based on the priority level (Red is Urgent, Orange is High, Yellow is Medium, and Green is low) and future PMs are shown in Purple.,

ML Work Orders™ Users have the following filters available on the Calendar:

  • Assigned User filter
  • Building filter
  • Space filter
  • Purpose filter
  • Problem type filter
  • Priority Filter
  • Status Filter
  • Work Type filter
  • Frequency Filter

Selecting the following options will adjust your calendar view.

This calendar can also be saved to a PDF document and printed by selecting the print icon (Print).

You can also generate an iCal based on your calendar view and selected filters by selecting ()