ML Work Orders™ allows you to limit which users can submit specific types (IT/Maintenance) of work orders.

For example: You may want to allow all staff to submit Maintenance work orders, but only specific users to submit IT work orders (or vice versa).

To apply this setting in ML Work Orders™ you will want to:

1. Create a Role with the necessary Permission.

2. Apply this Role as your Default Role.

To Create the Role in ML Work Orders™ you will take the following steps:

1. Select User > Manage Roles.

2. Select the Add Icon () to add a new Role. The recommended name for this Role would be "Submit Work Order".

3. Check off the "Submit Work Order" Permission.


4. Select the Save button.

You will then want to Apply this Role as your Default Role:

1. Select Settings > Setup Items > Manage Default Roles.

2. Enter the "Submit Work Order" Role for the Request Type you would like to allow all users to submit work orders for by default.

For example: If you are going to allow all users by default to submit Maintenance work orders, you would apply the "Submit Work Order" Role to the Maintenance Request Type section (or vice versa). You can also apply this setting to both Request Types, if all users can submit both Request Types (Maintenance and IT).

3. Select the Save button.

Once the adjustment above is made, when adding a new user they will automatically have the default roles listed.