ML Work Orders™ allows users to choose multiple options from the drop-down menus by utilizing the Multi-Select filters. Users are also able to type in these filters to quickly find the option they are searching for.

The Multi-Select filters are available on the following pages:

  • My Work Orders
  • Manage Work Orders
  • Work Order Report
  • Work Order Labor Report
  • Work Order Purchase Transaction Report
  • Work Order Total Cost Report
  • Asset Report
  • PM List Report

The Multi-Select filters can be used to filter the following:

  • Assigned Users
  • Created By Users
  • Buildings
  • Problem Type
  • Priorities
  • Statuses
  • Purposes
  • Budget Codes
  • Vendors
  • Transaction Types
  • Asset Types

You can either select multiple filters, by selecting directly from the list available;

Or you can type in a specific filter you are looking to use: