This report allows users to see the total number of work orders and total costs for each asset. The report displays for each asset:

  • Asset Name
  • Building/Space
  • Total Number of Work Orders
  • Total Number of Labor Hours
  • Total Labor Cost
  • Inventory Cost
  • Total Costs

To run this report, you will want to take the following steps:

1. Select Reports > Asset Report

2. Filtering: The filtering is going to be the same as the Work Order pages. You can filter on each specific column by selecting the three black dots. You can then check the filters you would like to apply and click Filter. Once you are done, you can click the Clear All Filters option to reset the page.

Note: More columns can be added for additional filtering options. You can add columns by selecting the three black dots on an existing column. Next, select the columns section and check which ones you would like to add (this includes Standard Fields)

3. Click the print () icon to print the report to a PDF or click the save (Save to XLS) icon to save the report to an excel file.

Note: When you export to Excel, all fields will be included. This includes Standard Fields.