ML Work Orders™ Users with Administrative Permissions have the ability to Manage Preventative Maintenance Procedures. 

To Add a New Procedure:

1.  Select PMs > Manage Procedures.

The Manage My Procedures page will be displayed. 

2. To add a new Procedure, select the Add Procedure button from the Procedures page.

3.  Enter the Name, Estimated Time (minutes), and Description of the procedure. 

4. Select the Save or Save & Add Step (to add an additional step) button.

Note: If you select Save & Add Step an additional text box will appear where you can quickly add a new step.

To Edit an Existing Procedure:

1. Select the edit icon () to the far right of the Procedure.

2. Edit any information as needed (Name, Estimated Time (minutes), Description).

3. To add a new Step to an existing Procedure, select the Add Icon ().

4. Enter the description for the new step.

5. Select the Save & Add Step button if you need to add more items to the procedure, or select the Save button if you are finished.

Going through a procedure

1. Select the work order that is going to be worked on

2. Select In Progress

3. Click the Procedure tab at the top of the Work Order Details page

4. Select Begin Steps

5.  Go through each step and Yes or No for completing. N/A is also an option if you're unable to complete that step. 

Note: When users are beginning their steps, they have the ability to upload a file and attach an image if there is an issue. Each step will have its own file option.


6. Select Return to Work Order