1. Select PMs > View all PMs.

The Preventative Maintenance Listing page will be displayed. 

2. Select the Add Preventative Maintenance option from the Action button dropdown to create a new PM.

3. Enter all of the information related to the PM in the given fields.

Note: Create Method has multiple options. Each option will determine how many Work Orders the PM will generate.

4. If there is a procedure related to the PM then select the procedure from the drop-down menu.

Note: If you would like to add a new Procedure, select the plus icon next to the procedure section.

5. Enter a description or any other notes related to the PM.

6. Upload any related files that you would like to be attached to each generated work order.

7. Select the Save button.

Mass Updating PM's

Enable the Mass Update Permission

1. To enable this permission, select Users > Manage Users on the left-side navigation menu.

2. Select the pencil icon next to the user that you would like to allow to mass update.

3. Within the Roles section, select the Mass Update checkbox and then select the Save button.

Using the Mass Update feature on PM's

1. Users with the Mass Update permission will see the Mass update option under the Actions button dropdown on the Manage PM's page.

2. Select the checkboxes of the Inventory you would like to Mass update

3. Select Mass update

4.  Select the checkboxes next to the fields you would like to Mass update for the PM's.

5. Update the corresponding fields that have been selected.

6. Click Next.

Note: You will receive a confirmation of the Fields that are going to be mass updated.

7. Select Go!

You will then receive a notification that you agree to mass update the following PMs.

8. Click OK

Next, the Mass Update status will change to Success when it has been completed.

Exclude Month's on a PM

1. Select the Pencil Icon next to an existing PM

2. Select the Manage Exclusions button

3.  Fill out the modal

4. Click Save on the modal

5.  Click Save on the PM

Viewing a PMs Details

1. Click on PMs > View All PMs

2. Select a PM by clicking the name.

The Details will be listed.

From here, you can select the tabs located at the top to view different information on the PM.

Note: When Inventory is Edited/Added to a PM, the page will automatically refresh and the inventory stock will automatically be adjusted.