ML Work Orders™ Users with Administrative Permissions have the ability to Manage Asset Types.

Manage Asset Types:

1. Select  Assets > Manage Asset Types

The Manage My Asset Types page will be displayed. 

2. Select the () Plus icon to add a new Asset Type or the () Edit Icon to edit an existing Asset Type.

3. Select from the Field Section dropdown menu to add a section to the Asset Details Page. Select the dynamic fields in which you would like to be displayed within the selected section.

4. Select the ML Asset Type drop-down and select the best fit.

5. Select the Evaluation Type.

6. Check off if you would like this Asset type to be able to be checked in and out.

7. Select if you would like the asset to be viewed by anyone. This is typically enabled for QR code scanning for outside vendors so they can view asset details without having an account. 

8. Select the corresponding Binder where this Asset Type is being used.

9. Select the Binder section being used.

10. Select the Save button and repeat step 3 for any new sections.

The added sections and associated fields will now be displayed on the Asset Details page for the selected Asset Type.

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