When a Work Order is assigned to a user in ML Work Orders™, they will be able to do the following:

  • Enter Notes on the Work Order
  • Enter Labor Hours on the Work Order
  • Enter Inventory on the Work Order
  • Enter Purchase Transactions on the Work Order
  • Upload Files to the Work Order
  • Complete the Work Order

You will want to take the following steps when managing work orders assigned to you:

1. When a work order is assigned, an email notification will get sent out to the assigned user(s).

2. Selecting the link at the bottom of the email will bring you to the work order within the program or if you login through ML Work Orders you will be directed to the My Open Assignments page. This page will show you all of the work orders that are open and assigned to you.

3. Select the Work Order ID button to see the full details of the work order. The buttons are color-coded based on the priority level of the work order (Red=Urgent, Orange=High, Yellow=Medium, and Green=Low).

4. Once the Work Order ID button is selected, the full work order details will be displayed.

5. Select the Status Button at the top, and then click "In Progress" when you are beginning the work. This will send out an email notification alerting the requestor that you have started to work on the task.

6. If you need to Enter Notes on a Work Order, select the notes box and enter the note. 

Note: Selecting the Internal checkbox will not send the note back to the requestor and will only send the note to other users assigned to the work order as well as the administrator who assigned the work order to you.

7. If you need to Enter Labor Hours on a Work Order select the Add Labor button in the Labor section. Enter the number of labor hours worked, the labor rate (Normal, Time and a Half, or Double Time), and any notes explaining what was done during that time, then select the Save button.

Note: Labor Costs will only be displayed to users with the permission "View Labor Reports"

8. If you need to Enter Inventory on the Work Order select the Add Inventory button in the Inventory section. Search on the inventory item you are looking to use, enter the quantity, and then select the Save button. 

9. If you need to Enter Purchases (Materials, Rentals, or Contract Services) on the Work Order select the Add Transaction button in the Purchase Transaction section. Fill out the applicable fields related to the purchase, and then select the Save button.

You can press Save and Add to save your original purchase and add additional purchases to the Work order.

10. Select the Status Button at the top, and click "Complete" once the work has been completed and all additional notes, files, and labor hours have been tracked on the work order.

Note: A Work Order can be Closed/Completed even at the status Pending if you have the correct permissions.