We have added the ability to create Work Orders by sending an email. Each Request Type under your system will have a separate email address.

Locating the Email Addresses  

1. Select Settings > Manage Request Types.

2. Each Request Type will be listed with the corresponding email addresses. 

Note: The District can create a generic email and have it auto-forward to one of the listed emails based on the Request Type.

Entering a Work Order via Email

1. Copy the corresponding email for the Request type you need.

2. Paste into the "To" section in the email

Once the email has been sent, you will then receive a confirmation email stating. "We would like to acknowledge that we have received your request, and a work order has been created. Our staff will be reviewing your request and will update you as this work order progresses."

The email will also include a link to the Work Order that as just created. 

Clicking the link will take you to the Work Order Details page.

Ability to write email responses back to the Work order Notes section

Users have the ability to directly respond to the emails and it will automatically be added as a note on the corresponding Work Order. 

1. Reply to any email from ML Work Orders

2. Type in your response as shown below

The response will then appear as a note on the Work Order.

If you have any questions on submitting a Work Order via email, please submit a ticket in our support portal: http://support.mlworkorders.com/support/tickets/new