ML Work Orders™ Admin have the ability to add Asset Categories to Asset Types.

This allows you to report on more broad Categories, before narrowing down to a Type.

To setup Asset Categories in ML Work Orders™:

1. Select Admin > Assets > Asset Categories.

The Manage Categories Screen will be displayed.

2. To add a new Category, enter the Category Name in the text box displayed and select the Save button.

You will then need to apply the Asset Category to an Asset Type.

1. Select Admin > Assets > Manage Asset Types.

2. You will then Edit () an existing Asset Type or Add () a new Asset Type to apply the appropropriate Category.

3. From the Manage Asset Type screen, you will select a Category from the dropdown.

Note: If there is a category you would like to select, but it is not in the drop down, you will want to add that Category to the Asset Category settings first (see instructions above).

4. Select the Save button. 

You will now be able to Filter on Asset Categories from the Manage Assets and Manage Asset Types pages.