ML Work Orders™ Users with Administrative Permissions have the ability to Manage Dynamic Field Lists and Sections

Manage Dynamic Field List (Optional):

1. Select Settings > Custom Fields > Setup.

The Dynamic Field List page will be displayed.

2. Select the (New Organization) Plus Icon to add a new Dynamic Field.

3. Enter the Name, Label, Field Type, Data Type (If Applicable), and Options (If Applicable), and select the Save button.

4. All Field Types excluding the "Textbox" type will require you to enter the options that will be shown.

5. Select the Save and Add button for any additional Dynamic Fields.

Manage Dynamic Field Section:

1. Select Settings > Custom Fields > Custom Field Sections.

The Dynamic Field Sections page will be displayed. 

2. Enter the Section Name in the empty textbox and select Enter to add additional sections. Select the Save button when complete.

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