ML Work Orders™ Software gives specified users the ability to Enter Work Orders on behalf of others and allow them to be notified.

This would be used when only a specified user or users have access to enter Work Orders directly to ML Work Orders™. However, you would still like the original work order requestor to receive notifications directly regarding their work order. 

To set this up in ML Work Orders™:

1. Select Settings > Setup Items > General Settings

The Manage District Settings page will be displayed. 

2. Under the Additionally Notify Permission, select who should have this permission or if you want to hide this as an option:

  • Admin Only
  • All Users
  • Hide Field 

3. Select Save, once you have your choice selected.

How to apply this setting when Requesting a Work Order:

1. Select the green New Request button.

2. Under the Additionally Notify Field on the Create Work Order Screen, Use the search box to search for the user you want to submit the request on behalf OR;

3. Select the Add icon (), to add a new user to be notified.

4.Complete remaining information regarding the Work Order and select Submit Work Order.

The Additionally Notify User, will now receive email notification when the Work Order is:

  • Cancelled
  • Put on hold
  • Completed
  • Closed
  • Notes added