ML Work Orders™ Users have the ability to run a Purchase Report.

This allows users to see a purchase transaction history for all work orders. The report displays for each individual Work Order:

  • Work Order #
  • Building/Space
  • Transaction Date
  • Qty
  • Cost Each
  • Total Cost
  • Purpose/Problem Type
  • Description

This report also shows the Total Cost and Total Number of Purchase Transactions for all Work Orders in the Report.

To run this report, you will want to take the following steps:

1. Select Reports >  Purchases Report.

2. Use the available filters to narrow down your report

  • User
  • Building
  • Purpose
  • Problem Type
  • Budget Code
  • Vendor
  • Transaction Type
  • Date Range

3. Click the print () icon to print the report to a PDF or click the save (Save to XLS) icon to save the report to an excel file.