ML Work Orders™ Users with Administrative Permissions have the ability to Manage Preventative Maintenance Procedures. 

To Add a New Procedure:

1.  Select PMs > Manage Procedures.

The Manage My Procedures page will be displayed. 

2. To add a new Procedure, select the Add Icon () from the Procedures page.

3.  Enter the Name, Estimated Time (minutes), and Description of the procedure. 

4. Select the Save or Save & Add Step (to add an additional step) button.

Note: If you select Save & Add Step an additional text box will appear where you can quickly add a new step.

To Edit an Existing Procedure:

1. Select the edit icon () to the far right of the Procedure.

2. Edit any information as needed (Name, Estimated Time (minutes), Description).

3. To add a new Step to an existing Procedure, select the Add Icon ().

4. Enter the description for the new step.

5. Select the Save & Add Step button if you need to add more items to the procedure or select the Save button if you are finished.