ML Work Orders™ allows district users that have Administration Permissions to set up approval paths based on the Building and Type of Work Order request that is being submitted. 

To set up approval paths, once logged into ML Work Orders™:

1. Select Settings > Manage Approval Paths

2.  To add an approval path, select the Add icon (.)

The Manage Approval Path screen will be displayed.

3. Enter a Name for the approval path.

4. Enter a Description for the approval path.

5. Next select the Request Type(s) (i.e. maintenance, IT.)

6. Select the Building(s) for the approval path.

7. Select the Space(s) for the approval path. 

8. Select the Problem Type(s) associated with the approval path.

9.  Select the Add Step button to add each approval step as needed and select the individual responsible for that specific step of approval.

Note: Selecting more than one user at one approval step, will allow whoever access the work order first to approve that step.

10.  Select Save to save desired information.

Users with Administration Permissions have the ability to edit an Approval path. 

To Edit an Approval Path:

1. Select Settings > Manage Approval Paths

The Manage Approval Paths page will be displayed. 

2.  Select the Edit Icon () next to the Building requiring a modification. 

3.  Make any necessary changes to the Approval Path. 

4.  Once the Approval Path is modified as desired, select the Save button.