Manage Roles:

MLWorkOrders™ Software Creating a New User Account & Managing Roles from MasterLibrary.Com, LLC on Vimeo.

1. Select Admin > District Setup > Manage Roles

Add a new Role

2. Select the (New Organization) Plus Icon to add a new Role.

Manage Roles

3. Enter the name of the Role and select the appropriate permissions. The available permissions include:

1. Approve WOs – Can approve work order requests
2. Assign WOs to Others – Can assign work orders to other users
3. Bypass Approval – Can bypass the approval process when submitting work orders
4. Can be Assigned WOs – Can be assigned work orders to perform work
5. Close WOs – Can officially close out work orders
6. Complete WOs on Behalf of Others – Can complete work orders that are assigned to other users
7. Edit WOs – Can edit work order information
8. Enter Asset on WOs – Can link assets (Equipment) to work orders
9. Enter Budget Code on WOs – Can enter budget code information on work orders
10. Enter Labor on WOs – Can enter labor hours on work orders
11. Enter Purpose on WOs – Can enter a purpose for work orders
12. Manage Assets – Can add/edit assets within the system
13. Manage PMs – Can add/edit PMs within the system
14. View All WOs – Can view all work orders at a specific building
15. View Assets – Can view all assets within a specific building
16. View Labor Report – Can access the work order labor report
17. View PMs – Can view all PMs within a specific building
18. View WO Report – Can access the Work Order Report

4. Select the Save button and repeat steps 1-3 for any new Roles

Manage Users:

1. Select Admin > District Setup > Manage Users

Right click and select open in new tab to view full size

2. Select the (New Organization) Plus Icon to add a new User.


3. Enter the user's organization, first name, last name, phone number, and email address. You have the option to enter a labor rate for those users that will be entering labor hours on the work orders. You will also have the option to enter a default building and space for submitting work order requests.

4. If the user needs a specific role within the system, select the (New Organization) Plus Icon to add a new role.

Add a Role

5. Select the Role, Building, and Request type then select the Save Role Button to add the role.  Repeat this process for any additional roles you would like to grant the user.

You can also give the user Administrative Permissions such as the ability to manage users and permissions, the ability to manage site settings, and the ability to approve requests on behalf of other users.

6. Select the Save button and repeat steps 1-5 for any new users.