Manage Roles:

MLWorkOrders™ Software Creating a New User Account & Managing Roles from MasterLibrary.Com, LLC on Vimeo.

1. Select Admin > District Setup > Manage Roles

The Manage Roles page will be displayed. 

2. Select the Add Icon (New Organizationto add a new Role.

3. Enter the name of the Role and select the appropriate permissions. The available permissions include:

1. Approve WOs – Can approve work order requests
2. Assign WOs to Others – Can assign work orders to other users
3. Bypass Approval – Can bypass the approval process when submitting work orders
4. Can be Assigned WOs – Can be assigned work orders to perform work
5. Close WOs – Can officially close out work orders
6. Complete WOs on Behalf of Others – Can complete work orders that are assigned to other users
7. Edit WOs – Can edit work order information
8. Enter Asset on WOs – Can link assets (Equipment) to work orders
9. Enter Budget Code on WOs – Can enter budget code information on work orders
10. Enter Labor on WOs – Can enter labor hours on work orders
11. Enter Purpose on WOs – Can enter a purpose for work orders
12. Manage Assets – Can add/edit assets within the system
13. Manage PMs – Can add/edit PMs within the system
14. View All WOs – Can view all work orders at a specific building
15. View Assets – Can view all assets within a specific building
16. View Labor Report – Can access the work order labor report
17. View PMs – Can view all PMs within a specific building
18. View WO Report – Can access the Work Order Report

4. Select the Save button and repeat steps 1-3 for any new Roles

Manage Users:

1. Select Admin > District Setup > Manage Users

The Manage My Users page will be displayed. 

2. Select the Add Icon (New Organizationto add a new User.


3. Enter the User's Organization, First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, and Email Address. A labor rate can be added for those users that will be entering labor hours on the work orders. A default Building and Space for submitting work order requests can also be added.

4. To add a Role to the user, select the Add Icon (New Organization in the Roles section to add a new role.

5. Select the Role, Building, and Work Order type then select the Save Role Button to add the role. 


Repeat step 4-5 for any additional roles you would like to grant the user.

6. To grant the user Administrative Permissions, check off the necessary check boxes for: 

  • Approve on Behalf of Others
  • Manage Site Settings
  • Manage User and Permission

7. Select the Save button and repeat steps 1-5 for any new users.