ML Work Orders™ Users have the ability to view the status of a Work Order request. 

1.  Select Work Orders > My Work Orders.
The Work Order Listing page will be displayed. 

2.  Select the Work Order that you would like to view the status on.

3.  If the Work Order has not yet been approved, the Approval History can be viewed at the bottom of the page. Users also have the ability to see who the Work Order is awaiting approval on under the Pending Approval By section.

4.  Under Status History users can view when the Work Order was submitted, approved, made active, completed, and closed. 

5.  Users can also view who has been assigned to the Work Order under the Assigned To section.

6.  If users have a question about the status of the Work Order they can select the Enter Notes button.  

See Add a Note to a Work Order for more details.

Watch this short video to learn how to View The Status Of A Work Order. 

View The Status Of A Work Order from MasterLibrary.Com, LLC on Vimeo.